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Administrative Policy Initiative

Please note that this site is under construction.

Until the Policy Library webpage is populated with Tulane Administrative Policies, please refer to:  http://tulane.edu/handbooks-and-policies

Why develop a university framework on policies?

The President’s Cabinet has approved the Administrative Policy Initiative – an initiative based on standardizing the process of developing Tulane University policies. This initiative grew out of the need to have a consistent method of developing, approving and communicating University Administrative Policies.

The goals of a university-wide framework for policies are to:

  • Provide consistency in policy process and format
  • Promote collaboration and inclusion in policy development
  • Establish authority, structure, and guidance of decisions and practices for university operations
  • Communicate the accountability expectations of the Tulane Community
  • Increase efficiency and reduce bias in authoritative requests of decision-making and non-compliance
  • Create centralization of a comprehensive Policy Library and Resources

What is the strategic plan for the administrative policy initiative?

Due to the complexity of this initiative, there will be multiple phases for development and implementation. During the initial phase of this project, the Administrative Policy Initiative will apply only to administrative policies that affect the campus community as a whole. Policies that are specific to certain members of the campus community, such as faculty and students, will be addressed during the following phases of implementation.

Actions within Initial Phase:

  • Review various university websites and documents to develop an inventory of current university-wide formal and informal policies on file
  • Develop tools and resources for university “policy owners” to draft and format their policies
  • Train current “policy owners” on policy development process
  • Convert current policies to the standardized policy format
  • Submit approval of current policies to the Executive Policy Review Group (EPRG)
  • Develop an online process for submitting ideas for new Administrative Policies or for recommending revisions to a current existing policy
  • Develop a Policy Library webpage to publish University Administrative Policies